In the corporate environment, screens play an essential role in fulfilling the needs of digital communication.

ALBIRAL presents a complete product range of retractable monitors to be integrated into furniture of meeting and conference rooms, information totems to be installed in entrance halls, interactive kiosks and stand alone monitors, including built in PC and touch screens.

ALBIRAL retractable monitors appear and disappear into the meeting tables by simply pressing a button. Clean, simple, ergonomic, elegant and intelligent solutions that allows the audience to concentrate in what is really important: the message.

Our solutions can provide touch screen, built in camera and motorised retractable microphones and can be 100 % personalised.

Whenever and wherever you need to communicate a message or to guide people to a certain place, we can provide an elegant and customised solution.

Our range of totem and kiosks, are used in hotel, auditorium, exhibitions, retail and in public areas in general.

Some references:

  •  Gas Natural, Spain
  •  AGBAR, Spain
  •  Banco de España
  •  Parliament of Catalonia, Spain
  •  KBC Bank, Belgium
  •  PAAET Kuwait
  •  Abu Dhabi Police
  •  Dubai Chamber of Commerce

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