In the broadcast environment, monitors are used in mobile units and control rooms, editing, studios and galleries, satellite service companies, digital film production and sound dubbing …

They are used for control and preview in TV chains, rental companies, production and post production companies.
This is an increasingly common application, even in the bosom of companies not devoted to such activities. These have instruments available so they can produce their own material - digital cameras or software production.
The Eyepreview product line is a dedicated range of monitors that have been specially designed for broadcast.

It is a cost effective product range, robust, reliable and space optimising.
Albiral is using first brand LCD pared and calibrated panels, robust metal housings and lockable connectors for signal, powering and tally inputs. The products are road proof and the pass a strict quality control before shipping.
This product range comprises:
• Multiple rack composite/SDI monitors (double, triple and quad)
• Single rack composite/Data/SDI monitors
• HD-SDI monitors
• Metal cabinet composite/Data/SDI monitors (some models with Mirror function for Teleprompters)
• Viewfinder monitors
• TVE, Spain
• TV2, Spain
• TV3, Spain
• Canal Plus, Spain
• Telecinco, Spain
• Televisió d’Andorra, Andorra
• ITV,  UK
• Presteigne, UK
• SVT, Sweden
• France 1, France
• France 2, France
• RAI, Italy
• Broadcasting Centre Europe, Belgium
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