Digital Signage
Digital signage is a form of innovative advertising and information dissemination in new channels where multimedia contents and messages are displayed on electronic screens or on digital signs which can be remotely managed with the goal to deliver targeted messages to specific locations at specific times. Digital signage offers superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs.

Digital signage is any form of business communication where a dynamic messaging device is used to deliver the information.

Some of the ways digital signage is used today include:
  • In retail, communicating with customers about in-store specials, directing customers to other parts
    of the store, managing traffic and hotspots, and conveying brand messages
  • In banks, displaying interest rates and product information, as well as lifestyle messages and
  • In airports, underground and bus stations, keeping travellers updated on arrival and departure
    times while providing an advertising vehicle for shops and restaurants
  • In casinos and entertainment venues, creating a customer experience that is consistent with the
    atmosphere of excitement
  • In doctors’ offices and waiting rooms, providing entertainment to bored patients while giving an
    advertising vehicle to pharmaceutical companies and other providers
  • In schools and on corporate campuses, facilitating a level of communication between parties that
    would have been unthinkable just a few years ago
The capacity to design specific products according to each customer needs has always been a key factor in Albiral Display Solutions and this flexibility that Albiral offers is especially relevant in those deployments of Digital Signage where there is a need to integrate the screens in the architectural and visual design or in difficult environments such as window, outdoor, hi humidity, railways, hi vibrations, …,
ALBIRAL offers a wide product portfolio of totem for Digital Signage, built in different materials such as in elegant Plexiglas or in robust metal and provides full support to design and manufacture special products, from a weather proof cabinet to a high end interactive totem

Some references:

  • Barcelona’s Underground
  • Caja Madrid
  • Barberà del Vallés City Hall
  • Barcelona’s Exhibition Centre
  • Valencia Exhibition Centre

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