Company history
1996: Albiral releases first Video CRT monitor range.

1997:The company develops SVGA monitor range and starts export activity

1998: Albiral started manufacturing OEM CRT monitors for prestigious firms as well as specific projects

1999: The Catalan Government awards the company for its export activity and Albiral launched new LCD product range

2000: A new line of Multimedia monitors is introduced

2001: Albiral develops LCD Videowall and presents Real Flat CRT monitors

2002: The Company develops specific products for outdoor application, CRT and LCD monitors

2003: New big sizes of LCD monitors are developed: 20, 23 and 30”. Albiral launches a professional line of LCD monitors with SDI inputs for broadcast application

2004: The Company designs and patents a retractable monitor to be built into tables for meeting and conference rooms

ALBIRAL PRO is created, based in the city of Madrid, and with the aim to support Albiral sales in the centre and south of Spain.

2005: Albiral patents a new retractable monitor with a built in camera for Video conferencing applications

2006: The Company is awarded with the Prize of Technological Innovation of Barcelona’s Chamber of Commerce

2007: A new product line, EYEPREVIEW by Albiral is launched. EYEPREVIEW comprises a whole rack product range and HD-SDI monitors for broadcast applications

2008: The Company patents a new retractable monitor with a 20 degrees tilting system, in order to optimise the ergonomics and limit the height of the monitors when in the upward position

Albiral is awarded with the Audiovisual MAC Technology Prize for its HD-SDI monitor range.

A new brand is created: ARTHUR HOLM displays comprise a high end product range, with Scandinavian design, to be used in corporate and digital signage applications.

2009: The company obtains de TOTAL MEDIA award as the best manufacturer of small screens for Digital Signage

2010: The company receives the FIDEM award, for its creativity and innovation

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