Jahra and Farwaniya Courts Complex becomes digital with Albiral monitors

The innovative Jahra and Farwaniya Courts have been equipped with new Albiral 15” retractable monitors in combination with videoconference, document viewing and audio discussion systems. This space optimisation and communication project has been developed in Kuwait by ‘Intelligent Services’ and the result is an impressive perfect solution for judges and attorneys.

retractable monitors for meeting rooms

The proven reliability of the Albiral monitors, the possibilities of remote control and diagnose and the company’s experience in large projects were the key factors when being the selected brand to execute this project.

The collaboration with Albiral is well established, as the Intelligent Services representative, Mr Al-Sayyad, explains: “For the past three years we have been working with Albiral in the Kuwait Ministry of Justice project, a multimillion dollar ICT plan to create two new big courts”. “We were very impressed with their leadership skills to manage challenging tasks in design and daily complex operations in the implementation phase”, says Mr Al-Sayyad, adding that “Albiral continues to be the thriving engine that moves this project ahead and we at Intelligent Services feel this was a key point to make this project a very successful one. Completed with the Ministry of Justice compliance, this project faced very tigh deadlines and the assistance of Albiral to the implementation team was invaluable”.

Working securely with data

The data and information dealt with in court and justice rooms is critical, so their users have high security requirements to avoid misuse or loss of information. Working with monitors and connectivity systems must be done with total confidentiality and integrity, assuring data protection. Albiral is well aware of this, so our monitors and accessories integrate strong security IT protocols to install and manage the AV systems, as well as when sharing contents. But this is not interfering at all with an easy installation and a simple and convenient daily use.

retractable monitors for meeting rooms

A complete motorised solution

The Albiral retractable monitors have been installed in 80 court rooms of the Jahra and Farwaniya Complex, located in the very heart of Kuwait. The monitors have been manufactured by Albiral Display Solutions and they use a patented single motor to raise and tilt. Produced with a paint coated steel, these 15” monitors include HDCP compliant inputs. They are silent, robust and maintenance free, with a 5 year warranty. 

The Albiral monitors only appear when needed by the simple touch of a button and their appearance show a stylish and elegant design. They provide an excellent solution for videoconferences and to visualise the documents and video evidences necessary for trials.

retractable monitors for meeting rooms

Advanced control and diagnose

The monitors are remotely controllable and diagnosable through a convenient ERT interface, which make the installation faster and eliminate the need of external relay boxes or extra power outlets. It also provides astonishing features like reporting the status of the monitors by e-mail.

The AHnet software makes the control extremely easy, as well as the monitors installation and management. It offers feedback from each device, allowing on site or remotely located staff to get information about the status of up to 900 screens simultaneously.

retractable monitors for meeting rooms

The power of the Courts Complex

The architectural language used for the Jahra and Farwaniya Courts Complex is aimed at reflecting both the strength and transparency of the Kuwait justice system.  The two high-rise court buildings consist each of 80 courtrooms, administrative and governmental offices, 23 conference rooms, cafes and associated public spaces.  This large state of the art complex covers 200 square meters with natural illumination thanks to its clerestory windows and a large patterned glass façade that fill with light the public lobbies.

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