Optimising the desk space

The TabLift is a motorised docking station with optional powering , enabling to hide a tablet within the furniture thanks to a silent and harmonic motorised movement that discreetly conceals it when not in use. The cover plate is made of brushed stainless steel ensuring durability and elegance. The tablet will be raised by pushing the buttons on the cover plate or remotely via RS422 and the tablet can be manually rotated from 0 to 90 degrees when in the docking station allowing the tablet to be placed both vertically and horizontally while an advanced fixing mechanism ensures its steady position.

Optionally, the system is available with an embedded power connector from each tablet manufacturer.

Easy to read Interactive Set-Up Display (ISD) 1,6” LCD display for address setup and status monitoring. Safety system that detects obstructions, stopping the unit. External power supply with 4-Pin XLR4 connector. Bottom connectivity for easy access and removal of the motorised docking station without need to disconnect it. TabLift housing total depth is 589 mm, plus additional spacing for connectors. Adjustable mechanical parameters through AHnet or ISD for calibration and adjustment of mechanics. Diagnostic readout on ISD for increase service and support.

Información técnica

  • Motorised lift system for tablets
  • Automatic 20° inclination
  • Revolving system for horizontal and vertical positions
  • Passive cover plate
  • Interactive Setup Display
  • Maintenance free
  • Serial control & Remote diagnose

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