Monitors for hotels and hospitality

Hotel reception desks and hotel foyers are the first port of call for guests when arriving, and are the perfect opportunity to give positive feelings and emotions when entering the space for the first time. The importance of selecting stylish and customised monitors for each hotel should not be underestimated; they will play a major role in the corporate image’s communication, and will impress and create an unforgettable experience for the user. In the same way, attention should be paid to the integrated wall monitors that provide valuable information to visitors. And not forgetting the all-important conference rooms, which will be a distinguishing and deciding factor for hotels.


The TabLift is a motorised docking station with optional powering , enabling to hide a tablet within the furniture thanks to a silent and harmonic motorised movement that discreetly conceals it when not in use. The cover plate is made of brushed stainless steel ensuring durability and elegance. The tablet will be raised by pushing the buttons on the cover plate or remotely via RS422 and the tablet can be manually rotated from 0 to 90 degrees when in the docking station allowing the tablet to be placed both vertically and horizontally while an advanced fixing mechanism ensures its steady

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A2F Manually Foldable Monitors

A2F Manually Foldable Monitors are space optimising displays that can be folded when not needed, leaving a clean and free desk surface. The monitors can be used for multiple applications, providing high definition video contents and real time information while offering a good view of the room when requested by the user. A2FManually Foldable Monitors get closed with the screen facing down, being safely stored inside the table, whose surface remains absolutely flat and available for other purposes. The elegance and hi-tech functionalities of these monitors add style and total effectiveness to the room, generating the perfect environment to enhance

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Flush Wall Mount Monitors

Flush Wall Monitors

Flush Wall Monitors can be installed in the wall and deliver convenient information, as well as personalized welcome messages or corporate presentations.

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