A boost to the room

Interpreter Video Monitors are fixed built-in displays specially designed to support users with video contents when there is also a need to have a good view of the room. They offer a fixed tilt angle which is conceived to offer the best ergonomics, providing a direct line of vision straight to the action. The reduced height of the monitors allows to see eachother while using the screen, making it easier to develop a smooth, collaborative and participative meeting when working together.

Interpreter Video Monitors are ideal to be integrated in meeting and conference rooms and interpreter booths, where space gets fully optimised with this unobtrusive solution.

Interpreter Video Monitors integrate the most advanced technology and a first level Full HD screen, assuring a high quality product combining utility and durability. They are made of powder coated steel, resulting in a robust housing with a resistant finish that contributes to the long life of the equipment.

Interpreter Video Monitors also offer great ergonomics to the user. Their 34º fixed tilt is an optimal viewing angle to work both watching the whole room and analysing data or presentations on the screen. As they are built-in into the table surface, space is optimised to the maximum and the visual field remains wide open to users.

Technical information

  • Reduced height allowing a wide vision field
  • Fixed tilt at 34º
  • Easy to install
  • Reliable and durable solution
  • Flexible video connectivity
  • The built-in design opens up the vision field
  • The Full HD resolution offers a perfect video image
  • General visibility and focus points are strongly enhanced
  • Alternative video contents can be analysed together with the room view
  • Trouble-free integration in the furniture
  • HDCP compliant
  • Sizes: 15”, 17” and 22”

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