Smooth, silent and harmonic drive

Smart Retractable Monitors combine perfectly style and technology to create unique meeting and conference rooms with all the best and brightest. This professional monitor range provides an innovative and flashy design with exceptional features, setting up inspiring spaces where ideas flow, versatility is unlimited and the user experience breaks out to be remembered. Robust and reliable, unobtrusive and flexible, ergonomic and astonishing, Smart Retractable Monitors integrate perfectly into the interior design of the room, disappearing inside the furniture when not needed. The Smart variable speed system makes the monitor to appear smoothly from the desk, reaching a faster cruise speed when rising to finally slow down again to adjust perfectly to the ergonomic 20º tilt work position. The passive cover plate opens elegantly being pushed by the monitor itself with a soft and accurate movement. An internationally patented lift and tilt system allows the use of only one engine for both movements, thus reducing noise and maintenance.

Technical information

  • Automatic 20º tilt
  • Single engine for up/down and tilt movements
  • Harmonic variable speed drive
  • Extremely silent
  • DVI-I and DVI-D video inputs
  • HDCP licensed monitor manufacturer
  • Maintenance free
  • Energy saving design
  • Security system
  • Serial control and remote diagnostic by AHnet
  • AH-AMMC Auto Mechanical Movement Calibration
  • Sizes: 12”, 15”, 17”, 19” and 22”

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