Universally genuine

Universal Lift with Tilt is a Universal Lift System (ULS) allowing to transform standard screens into a retractable monitor that can be integrated sleekly in conference rooms, auditoriums or training rooms. Specially designed for education applications, ULS helps to create collaborative and flexible learning spaces, increasing the audience immersive engagement.

This ULS becomes a smart complete solution providing a screen to review and analyse closely documents, data or presentations during lectures or conferences in a convenient and easy way.

The elegance of the ULS patented automated movements contributes to set up a distinctive purpose-built environment and the monitors can be stored safely inside the table when not needed leaving the surface clean and free.

ULS is compatible with most pc screens and monitor brands on the market. This motorised lift system can be used for flat screens between 15” and 24”. The support to attach the monitor to the lift follows measurements established in VESA standard mounting system, so a perfect adjustment is absolutely guaranteed.

Technical information

  • Reliable and durable motorised lift system for third party monitors
  • Stainless steel cover plate with 2 buttons (up/down)
  • 20º automatic tilt
  • Interactive Setup Display
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Protection cabinet for the monitor & cable management system
  • Remotely control & Remote diagnose
  • Customisable cover plate (logo, colour, USB, other connectors)
  • USB for firmware upgrade
  • Wireless connectivity for setup and control
  • Available for most VESA monitors from 15” to 24”

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