Elegance on standard furniture

A2 Manually Foldable Monitors are the perfect solution to create flexible and versatile tables needing to optimise the available space. They are elegant displays that enhance participation, creativity and co-working in dedicated areas and they can be easily folded down to leave a direct line of sight to the other participants or events taking place in the room. Furthermore, the reduced space needed for their installation allows users to have a large cable-free surface to work using both the screen and other materials over the desk.

With a discreet and classic design, A2 monitors turn technology into an appealing cutting edge system which is able to perform at the highest standard while generating a memorable user experience.

A2 monitors favour a pleasant atmosphere improving creativity and participation, thus decision-making tasks are powered in meeting and conference rooms. They also serve as an interactive and efficient support tool during presentations in auditoriums or institutions and, as they can be completely folded when not needed, make the most of limited space in interpreter booths.

A2 monitors provide a top video contents source display for small group meetings in huddle rooms and their versatility offers unobtrusive and advanced technology to nowadays modern courtrooms. Their amazing look is also worth a shocking first impression, so they are also an excellent choice to welcome visitors entering reception areas.

Technical information

  • Manually foldable monitor
  • Adjustable position up to 110º
  • Ready for desk mounting
  • Large free working space on the surface
  • No visible cables
  • Low space required under the table
  • Auto-power on/off
  • HDCP licensed monitor manufacturer
  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • Energy saving design
  • Optional touch screen
  • Sizes: 17” and 22”

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