Amenos e informativos

Integrating monitors on the wall is a convenient space optimising solution specially conceived to enhance the user experience. When installed in reception and public areas inside hotels, office and commercial buildings, museums and visitor or business centres, they become a part of a friendly eye-catching space providing positive feelings to visitors. Wall Mount Monitors can be discreetly installed on the wall and deliver convenient information, as well as personalised welcome messages or corporate presentations.

Wall Mount Monitors are also ideal to offer relevant meetings information when placed outside a conference or purpose-built room, a place where they will undoubtedly catch the eye of the public. They can show details about the session taking place inside, being extremely helpful and engaging for attendees to know schedules, programmes or other general information of interest. Wall Mount Monitors become an entertaining feature standing out in these spaces while acting as an interactive communication display for users.

The displays are robust and resistant, all set for the busy areas where they are installed. These monitors serve users with advanced technology ready to play in a very own and useful way, adding a distinctive smart touch to their time in a particular building or meeting and working up an awesome experience to remember.

Technical information

  • On Wall Monitors
  • Meeting information provider
  • Space optimising on-wall installation
  • Touch screen available
  • Integrated Wall Mount
  • Security anti-theft locking system
  • HDCP compliant
  • DVI-I and DVI-D video inputs
  • Optional touch screen
  • Polycarbonate screen protector available
  • Optional WiFi
  • Can integrate a built-in industrial PC
  • Sizes: 15”, 17”, 19” and 22

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