A2 manually foldable monitors help decision making in the Council of the European Union

The Council is an essential EU decision-maker and, therefore, needs the best AV technology to ensure an efficient decision making process. The meeting rooms and the interpreter booths have been equipped with Albiral’s manually foldable A2 monitors.

The Council of the EU is the institution that negotiates and adopts legislative acts in most cases together with the European Parliament through the ordinary legislative procedure. It coordinates member states’ policies in specific fields such as economic and fiscal policies, education, culture, and employment. The Council also develops the EU´s common foreign and security policy, concludes international agreements and adopts the EU budget.

Elegance and space optimisation

The A2 monitors provide a tilt angle of up to 20 degrees and have the peculiarity that the screens can be folded down manually. They require a minimum depth below the desk and leave a free space in front, where users have an available space to place documents, laptops or other devices, or to be used as a working zone.

Enhancing communication and facilitating decision making

The A2 manually foldable monitors are the perfect solution to create flexible and versatile tables needing to optimise the available space. They are elegant displays that enhance participation, creativity and co-working in dedicated areas and they can be easily folded down to leave a direct line of sight to the other participants or events taking place in the room. Furthermore, the reduced space needed for their installation allows users to have a large cable-free surface to work using both the screen and other materials over the desk.

Hi definition video contents

With a discreet and classic design, the A2 monitors can be used for multiple applications, providing high definition video contents and real time information. The A2 monitors turn technology into an appealing cutting-edge system which can perform at the highest standard while generating a memorable user experience.

The monitors are entirely built in coated black painted steel. They feature Full HD 17.3” panels, they are HDCP compliant and energy efficient.