Albiral manually foldable monitors in the Parisian headquarters of Bouygues

Bouygues Immobilier is a leading private property developer in France and Europe and has trusted Albiral monitors in its headquarters in Paris.

Videlio was the system integrator responsible for this project and as Videlio says: “The world is changing, ways of working and behavior are changing, new uses are emerging. On the move and always more connected, employees need to come together and share. Arranging spaces, reorganizing the different ways of working: the whole collaborative environment must be redesigned.

Companies are committed to building the world of tomorrow: a better, more ethical and more sustainable world. Limiting travel, favoring telework and equipping yourself with modern and intelligent solutions then appears to be an ideal means.”

The chosen monitors were the Albiral manually foldable ones.

The Albiral Video Manually Foldable monitors are space optimising displays that can be folded whennot needed, leaving a clean and free desk surface. The monitors can be used for multiple applications, providing high definition video contents and real time information while offering a good view of the room when requested by the user. The monitors get manually closed with the screen facing down, being safely stored inside the table, whose surface remains absolutely flat and available for other purposes. 
The elegance and hi-tech functionalities of these monitors add style and total effectiveness to the room, generating the perfect environment to enhance creativity, collaboration and productive business results. 
 • Table space gets fully optimised • The Full HD resolution offers a perfect video image • The manually foldable design opens up completely the vision field • Monitors can be safely stored inside the table, which remains free for other uses • Displays can be completely flush with the table, allowing a clean and nice desk surface • A perfect fit in several spaces: meeting and conference rooms, interpreter booths, auditoriums, hotels and reception areas, huddle rooms and courtrooms