The Council of the European Union: A room with a View, thanks to Interpreter monitors by Albiral

Did you know that most experts agree that 70 to 93% of communication is non-verbal? Whether or not you realise it, when you interact with other people, you are continuously sending (and receiving) messages in a non-verbal way.

The subtle gestures you make, like your posture, breathing, the amount of eye contact made, the tone of your voice, your silences… all send valuable messages and can help build trust, promote interaction or, on the other hand, could create confusion, anger, and disappointment.

So, if we keep in mind that sight is the dominant sense for most people, eye contact plays a crucial role when communicating. The way we look at other people transmits interest, affection, attraction, boredom, hostility, or rejection.

Eye contact is also essential to keep the conversation flowing smoothly and to catch and maintain the attention of our audience. Therefore, it must be paramount in any meeting, free from any obstacles that could prevent it.

For this project the key requirement was to have maximum visibility of the entire meeting in one of the rooms of the Council of the European Union. The table needed to have monitors that could show documents and videos, but at the same time, it had to ensure that visual contact for all users was possible. In the end, the decision was made to use the 17.3″ Albiral Interpreter monitors. These elegant monitors made from black steel tick all the boxes by providing an elegant aesthetic, maximising the use of space, and provide visibility to the rest of the room. These monitors take up very little space when inside the furniture, so they are not a hindrance for the person sitting in front of them and are ideal if the table has an “open” construction, as in this case. The monitor screen has a fixed tilt angle of 34 degrees and two DVI inputs, which are HDCP compliant.