A2 folding monitors add elegance, style, and maximize space in NIS Group’s conference room, Belgrade

How do you design a room that guarantees focused decision making and provides the versatility and flexibility to adapt to a variable number of users, elegant design, space maximisation, resilience and reliability? 

That was the challenge AVL Projekt had in refurbishing the conference room of the NIS Group’s business centre in Belgrade.

Flexibility, versatility, usability, elegance and space maximisation

The NIS Group commissioned integrators AVL Project to upgrade its Belgrade conference room to improve the quality of meetings. 

The project required integrating the best video and audio, multimedia and voting technology, while also respecting the architectural and interior design of the hall.

With all that in mind, AVL Projeckt came up with the perfect solution combining usability, elegance and robustness.

Flexible, versatile tables with not a cable in sight!

The room centre piece and focal point was the meeting table. The table needed to accommodate 21 people and have the latest technology, but without looking cluttered and messy.

So the choice was made to install 21 Albiral A2 manually folding monitors.  The models selected were folding touch monitors in 17.3″ and 21.5″, crafted in black steel, which match perfectly with the table’s hardwood, the seating and also with the discrete, elegant surroundings.

The monitors are folded manually towards the user, so that the screen folds downwards. They open to a 110º angle and the design pivots on a machined base which conceals the cables. Not a single cable is visible to the user, there is also a large work surface between the edge of the desk and the monitor. The variable tilt of the monitors guarantees the most comfortable ergonomics for touchscreen interaction, while allowing easy eye contact with all the other meeting participants when in the working position, and a completely clear field of view when folded on the table.

A2 folding monitors

For all of these reasons, the A2 Flip Down Manual monitors were the ideal solution to create a flexible and versatile table fitted with the essential technology needed to assist the decision making process. They are stylishly elegant monitors that help to enhance user participation, creativity and teamwork in the work areas. Easily foldable, they guarantee flawless visibility to the rest of the room, ensuring that participants pick up any important non-verbal communication from all team members. In addition, by reducing the space normally required for installation, users are able to have a larger working table area in front of the monitor, free of cables, to place documents and all necessary items.

Multimedia Room

The conference room is controlled by Televic’s central unit conference system with multimedia support. This unit operates the delegate and chairman’s microphones, the cameras and the Dante system for the audio protocol. Control is via central management software with a programmable interface. It features audio processing with automatic echo cancellation, sound equalisation, dynamics processor and recording support. It offers HDMI and SDI digital video outputs, (as well as an SDI input for connecting an external video signal to the system), and provides synchronised transmission of video and audio recordings in Full HD 1080p resolution without any video delay. The Televic conference unit also boasts specialised, easy-to-use modular software that is virus-proof, as it uses a single internal architecture that only works with network conferencing devices. All devices are connected to the central unit via a network LAN port and a Cat6 UTP cable, allowing a secure internal protocol for reliable operation and efficient performance of the network itself. In order for the system to operate efficiently, suitable conference programmes based on server-client database access and software modules that control all aspects of the preparation, flow and administration of the entire conference system, as well as software for document downloading, audio and video signal routing and multi-channel recording have been installed.

The table also has several cable cubbies to manage inputs and outputs of audio and video signals, as well as an interface for sharing them. This means that meeting participants are authorised to follow the speaker’s presentation, video conferences or other meeting work files as needed. The system also allows voting via an ID badge inserted in front of each participant and via the touch screen of Albiral’s monitors.

About AVL Projekt:

AVL Projekt is an authorised distributor of world-class professional audio, lighting, video and LED projection systems, stage and trussing equipment, as well as consumer electronic equipment. AVL Projekt creates solutions, plans systems, designs and installs the equipment. It is also responsible for acoustic calculations, lighting and video design, client product training, and after-sales support.